From text to task, let your digital assistant do the work

Effortless execution is just one text away.

Who is this for?

knowledge workers, including consultants, freelancers, and solopreneurs seeking to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. If you find yourself buried in mundane tasks, longing for more time to focus on the core aspects of your business, our product is designed precisely for you. We provide tools to optimize your time, automate repetitive tasks, and liberate your schedule, enabling you to channel your energy into what truly matters for the growth and success.

Effortless Invoicing

Unleash the power of custom invoice creation, sending, and follow up all via text message. Introducing seamless invoicing at your fingertips. Craft personalized invoices, add your unique touch, and send them effortlessly – all through text message.

Automated Scheduling

Take the hassle out of appointment management with our intelligent automation. Seamlessly coordinate with clients, set availability, and let our system handle the rest. Enhance your customer experience with hassle-free scheduling.

24/7 receptionist

Our intelligent virtual receptionist seamlessly handles inquiries, schedules appointments, and guides visitors. Elevate your business image, enhance customer experience, and let our AI Receptionist be the front desk solution you've been waiting for.

Seamless Follow-up

Stay connected easily with our intelligent email follow-up tool. Automate personalized messages, set intervals, and ensure your outreach is timely and effective. No more missed or late payments – nurture relationships and drive revenue.

How it works

Harness the power of AI through the convenience of text messaging. Send a text, and let our AI assistant take care of the rest. Welcome to a new era of efficient, hands-free task management!

1. Text your assistant

Send a text message to your dedicated AI number, outlining the task or action you need to be performed. It's as easy as texting a friend.

3. Real-time updates

Sit back and relax. Our AI keeps you in the loop with real-time updates on the task progress. You'll receive notifications, ensuring you're informed every step of the way

2. Task processing

The AI assistant meticulously processes your request, determining the optimal steps required to fulfill the task effeciently and effectively.

4. Task completion

Your AI assistant works diligently to complete the task promptly. Whether it's scheduling an appointment, sending an invoice, or any other action, consider it done.

Our Mission

Text message to task completion, where you can run your business from the comfort of your phone.

Revolutionizing the way humans interact with technology. No more logins, platforms or complicated applications, AGIEA gives you a central control panel in the palm of your hand.

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